About the Foundation

The Bulgarian Lion Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The foundation was founded for the purpose of supporting youth athletes of Bulgarian descent within and outside the United States. Our goal is to help young talents realize their full athletic potential and reach their goals and the pinnacles of their career paths.

Current Fundraisers:

Nikola Tsolov

Nikola Tsolov is a young and talented pilot who is achieving success in European championships and paving his way towards his dream – to become the first Bulgarian pilot in Formula 1.

At the young age of 17, he is in his second year in Formula 3.  Nikola is the first Bulgarian to reach this level in the history of Bulgarian motorsports.

Notable Achievements:

  • Champion of the Spanish Formula 4 in 2022, where he achieved 13 victories, 18 podiums, and 17 fastest laps out of 21 starts, accumulating a record-breaking 400 points.
  • The first chosen to be supported in his career by A14 Management, the newly formed management company of Formula 1 legend Fernando Alonso.
  • The third youngest pilot in the world to score points in Formula 3 in his debut season. In 2023, Nikola Tsolov made a significant leap in his career, debuting in Formula 3. The season was challenging, and whether you have experience or not makes a huge difference. Nevertheless, he scored points and had two entries in the Top 10 in the last races.
  • One of the eight pilots selected in the Alpine Academy.

The money raised in this campaign will help cover:

  • Essential costs such as equipment, travel to competitions, and professional coaching
  • Training and practical sessions
  • Fees and expenses for each race